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Membership Benefits

  • Legal protection, assistance and advice
  • Access to working visas for the U.S.
  • Instrument insurance
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Public relations and marketing advice or assistance
  • Music industry contacts
  • Regular work benefits, including access to pension plans
  • Buyers directed to you from our referral service
  • Other advantages of our benefits package

For more information please see the Canadian Federation of Musicians site

If these benefits would be advantageous to your musical career, you should call the KMU

Members Payment option

If you are a current member of KMU you can use the following links for PayPal** payment options. New members should contact the office during office hours or visit the CFM website.

The new payment for Membership 2019 (Current Members Only). Effective 31st October 2019 

Membership Options

New Member Payment Options

One Time Initiation Fees*: Federal fee $65*, Local Fee $30*

Regular Membership:                  $177
Student:                            $177  
(Must be registered in an accredited school, college or university,no initiation fees+ at joining. When s/he is no longer a student s/he will become a regular member at no extra cost)
Youth:                             $137
(Members must be 20 years old or younger, no initiation fees at joining)

Payment Options

Pay with PayPal** Contact the office

Cheque payment to “Kingston Musicians Union”

NEW! Pay by etransfer send your payment to

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or Send your Cheque, Cash or money order send to:
Kingston Musicians' Union
829 Norwest Road, Suite 518
Kingston, ON K7P 2N3
* Federal and Local Initiation fees one time only
**(No Paypal account necessary, 5% processing fee applies)If membership payment is late contact the office